Stalker App Statement

I plan to create a Maniac Mapper to aid fans of the Evansville IceMen (known as IceMen Maniacs) locate each other. You will be able to document instances of IceMen gear and promotional materials, for instance, a person wearing an IceMen tshirt, or sticker on a car. You’ll also be able to document where IceMen advertising appears in town, say on a billboard or on a business sign. This will allow fans to locate sponsors and local supportive businesses to patronize. It will also allow IceMen fans to locate each other around town.

The app will be created in IceMen colors of navy blue, sky blue and white and make use of IceMen logos where appropriate. It will be marketed primarily to the fans of the Evansville IceMen. IceMen fans cover a broad age and income demographic, but tend to be overwhelmingly tech savvy. Most fans keep in touch with each other via Facebook and other social media outlets so an app is a natural extension of these tools.

I am going to attempt to restrict or at least strongly discourage the use of the app to track individual IceMen players. While it would be fun extension of the product, it could be problematic for the players. I don’t want to encourage any actual stalking by overzealous fans.

AJSAS Site Critiques


I really like the simplicity of the site. I really like the three stripes on the side. I do notice that the background does not cover the whole screen. I use a wide screen monitor and the white background sticks out on the right side. If you made the background color a grey to match the image background it would help. Conversely, you could just have a grey background and just use the stripes alone as the image. I also really like the way to translates to mobile. Very simple but maintains the feel of the full site. Nice job.


I think you have a nice start. I know you’ve been having some difficulty but once you get that ironed out I think the concept will work. I think if you enlarge the photos it will have more visual interest. Also, I do think they need to be labeled so that you don’t have to guess what the links are. You might also consider a background color that’s a little softer than the stark white. Nice start!

Ryan E

I love the simplicity of this site, it really lets the art shine. I particularly like the graphic on the front page and the understated navigation bar. While the font is very small, it’s perfectly readable and works really well with the aesthetic of the site. I also really enjoy the way the gallery navigation works. And it works in Firefox! The only thing I’d think about is styling the scroll bar for the gallery. I think it detracts just a tiny bit from the overall look of the site. Other than that, great job!

Art show layout critiques

Amber T

I like the simplicity of the layout, very straight forward. For your gallery pages, are you intending to place the art in the space where the text is on the main page? I think that will showcase the pieces well. you might consider adding something visual to the home page. It’s a lot of text at the beginning and you want something to draw people into the site. Good start!

This is all that’s online right now, check back later!

Layouts for Art Show Website

And here they are, in convenient clickable images!



Design Statement for Art Show website

Design statement for Art Show Website


The University of Southern Indiana Annual Art Show is the largest and most unique of its kind in the US, awarding more prize dollars than any other. This website will the show entrants and will utilize php technology to create a flexible and efficient system. This technology will allow the website to easily be updated for more pieces and even easily adapted to future shows. It also use fewer server resources than traditional websites.


The overall website will be designed to show case the art. Each category will have a separate page and gallery. Special attention will be paid to each winner.  The gallery page will feature thumbnails of each piece with a click through to the large work with accompanying information (artist, title, award etc.) Where possible, you will be able to click on the image and see a larger, high-res version. The design will be modern and clean and will showcase the work, rather than call attention to the design of the page. Additionally there will be pages giving the history and information about the show and the juror.

Responsive Web Site Critiques

As of 11:47am, Sept. 26


Really nice site. I like the clean aesthetic a lot and I love the logo with the tree branch, very clean and simple yet effective. That feel carries nicely throughout the site. I like the rounded navigation buttons and really enjoy the depth that the drop shadows add to the design. I think the mobile site is particularly effective (and it works great on my phone!). I do think the full desktop site feels a little sparse. More photography would probably help that out a lot. Since you have the extra real estate on the main site, you can make use of it! I did particularly like though how you adapted the photo on the main page for the mobile site, that was very effective. I did notice that some of the text on the mobile site falls out of the background a bit and the map is distorted but these are small things. Overall great job!


Very nice! It’s quite different than your earlier layouts. It feels much more contemporary than before. I like the large gallery on the front page. I think the interior sites feel a little bare. The site works well on mobile, I think the simple links work well. The links on the interior pages of the mobile site are really large though. You probably want those to be the same size as the home mobile page. Other than that though good work.


First I’m sorry you’re having trouble with HostGator! I feel guilty cause I sold them so hard but I’ve never had any issues! I like the concept for your site, your puppy is really cute. I like the rotating gallery on the side although I try to keep clicking them to see more about them. Although I like the background, I think it’s a little busy for a website. Your links kind of get lost in the background. Perhaps a less vibrant background or solid color behind the links. There’s also a lot of white behind the image where it doesn’t stretch the full length of the screen. Consider centering it on a solid color. You can set it up so that the entire page centers and just floats with the screen width. That way you could have the background and not have to worry about it being too small or getting distorted. Over all though nice work.

Layout critiques

For the entire world to see!


Overall I really like what you’ve done with it. I like the simplicity of the site and really like the navigation. I agree that the “Support Us” button on the main page reads like it’s the page you’re on (which is a good idea for your interior pages!). While I know that you want to call attention to it, it might be difficult to convey that message. I like what you’ve one with the logo, I enjoy the way it bleeds into the heading and like the typography. Consider bringing the edge of the t a little father out, the way the R hangs outside of it is a little odd. I think you really need prominent photos on the main page as well as the mobile site. I know you were struggling with what to put on the home page, I think a large photo of some featured pet up for adoption may be the way to go.


I think you’ve got a good start, especially on the mobile site. Keep in mind for the desktop site, you’ve got a lot more real estate to play with, it looks like you’re still confining yourself to the mobile size. I like the navigation a lot and am enjoying the orange color you’ve chosen. I also really like that you’re featuring prominently an animal that’s up for adoption. Just please don’t distort your cute little puppy’s photo. :)   Overall nice job.


I really like the mute background photo on your pages. It’s enough to know that it’s there, but not enough to be really distracting. I also like the very elegant feel that you’ve achieved with the navigation and the typography. I think that your main page is a lot of text however and really needs some photography to pull people in else they’ll just click away. You’ve got a very understated muted vibe going on and I think that there’s a way to achieve that even if you’ve got large photos upfront. Maybe sepia tones? Maybe just very artistic and lovely photos in muted tones. Dunno, but something other than a large chunk o’text. Over all though I really like it.

Herron Lake Community Park – the first draft

Ok! Here are the comps for the Herron Lake Website. Tell me what you think. :)

Home page mobile

Home page desktop site

Facilities page mobile

Facilities page full

Design statement – Herron Lake Community Park

Herron Lake Community Park is a small, private park located on 250 acres of an old coal strip mine. Having been carefully reclaimed, the once useless land is now a vibrant community park that features a range of outdoor activities appropriate for all ages.

The goal of this project is to create an informative website that will serve the parks many users. Featured on the website will be information on park activities, the history of the park and the reclamation project as well as photos, maps, donation and volunteer information.

Given that and increasing number of users are accessing the web via mobile devices the website will be fully functional for a variety of devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. The design will be simple but elegant, bringing in photos from the park and conveying a sense of the natural beauty of the area.

Another chapter another blog post

Today marks the start of a new chapter, and a new blog post. Having graduated from Ivy Tech with an associate of applied science I’m now pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern Indiana. And that means another web class and another blog post. Eventually this blog will active for things other than class assignments, I promise.